Unique Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Unique Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to wipe out the kids’ college fund. Plenty of fantastic, budget-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas exist, allowing you to rid yours of cracked tile, outdated wallpaper, and rusty fixtures.

Review the following inexpensive bathroom remodeling ideas courtesy of the Los Angeles building contractors at Joel & Co. Construction. Bathroom remodeling is one of the LA contractors’ many specialties.

Refinish The Tub

Replacing your bathtub is a huge expense. Refinishing is much more cost-effective and takes about a day or so in comparison to a week or more of no tub. You will be amazed how stunning your bathtub looks once nicks and cracks are repaired and a fresh coat (i.e. tub paint) is applied.

Opt For Imperfect Granite Countertops

If you have your sights set on a new granite countertop for your bathroom, pay for an imperfect slab. The bigger the imperfection, the cheaper the slab. Your sink accounts of a large portion of the counter, so hiding the imperfection isn’t difficult if you work with your talented Los Angeles general contractors.

Update Fixtures And Hardware

Replacing cabinet hardware and sink fixtures is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to give your bathroom a serious update. Ask the team at Joel & Co. Construction for hardware suggestions if you’re having trouble deciding what’s the best quality for the best price. Another money-saving hardware tip is to repurpose items instead of purchasing new ones. For example, try using old pipes as towel racks.

Apply New Caulk And Grout

New caulk and grout is yet another easy, cost-effective way to freshen the look of your bathroom. Dirty, dingy caulk and grout make any bathroom look outdated and just plain awful!

Discuss these and other budget-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas with the friendly team at Joel & Co. Construction to get the look you want for less.

If replacing your current bathroom backsplash is on your to-do list, allow your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling experts help. Joel & Co. Construction specializes in bathroom backsplashes among many other services, and will happily install something new and refreshing. Check out the following ideas to inspire your bathroom remodeling efforts this season.

Mismatched Tile

Use reclaimed tile pieces to create a beautifully-mismatched bathroom backsplash. The result will be one-of-a-kind and something everyone who wanders into your wash room will comment on. Find pieces featuring colorful patterns and designs, and don’t forget to use a variety of sizes for added effect.

Smooth Stones

Create a backsplash with found objects, such as smooth stones from your backyard. Again, different sizes and colors will only add to the stunning result. Stick to smooth stones to avoid freak hand injuries, and feel free to paint them if you want. Add your children’s names to the stones, paint them a variety of colors, or opt for unique patterns and designs.


Reuse old maps to create a backsplash that’s also a geography lesson. Use laminate materials for obvious reasons, and try to craft a backsplash that features all seven continents. Maps of specific countries also works well. This is a great idea for a children’s bathroom!


Try working with coinage! Pennies are an increasingly-popular kitchen backsplash, however they work just as well in the bathroom. Again, some kind of laminate or other protective material is necessary to avoid a rust-tastic bathroom wall.


Find interesting placemats to make a unique bathroom backsplash. This is another idea that works very well in the kitchen, however it still functions as a unusual bathroom option. Look for placemats in a variety of shapes and sizes for best results.

Discuss these and other unique bathroom backsplash ideas with your Los Angeles general contractors!