Most Commonly Used Roofing Materials in California and Their Benefits

Most Commonly Used Roofing Materials in California and Their Benefits

The roof is one of the most visible and critical structural components of your home. Hence, before building a roof or reconstructing it, you must be certain about the kind of roof you want and what benefits you can expect from it.

Here are the different kinds of roofing materials and their benefits.


Around 80% of all homes have asphalt shingles, making it an overwhelmingly common material choice for roofing. Asphalt roofs offer several advantages due to which they enjoy widespread acceptance and use. They are cost-effective, economical, have good wind and fire resistance and are suitable for all kinds of slopes.

The quality of asphalt shingles has also improved over the years, making them more durable and robust so that you do not have to replace them as often. To prevent the buildup of algae in humid conditions, special asphalt material is available, which inhibits the growth of this nuisance.


Metal roofs can be made up of metals ranging from steel to copper. These roofs have several advantages, such as low weight, energy- efficiency and environmental-friendliness (since they can be recycled).

Many people think that due to metal, the roof can absorb more heat than other roofing materials. However, metal roofs, on average, can absorb only a third of the heat compared to asphalt shingles. In addition, they have high durability, high resistance to all elements and are appropriate for all kinds of roof configurations.
Copper roofs can be expensive, although steel roofs are more moderately priced.

Metal roofs now come with special surface coatings and finishing so they don’t get discolored
with the passage of time.

Plastic Polymer

Although certain roof materials appear to be slate or wooden shakes, they are actually made of high-quality plastic polymer that closely resembles these materials. They are a good option for older homes that do well with wooden shakes but require higher durability.

Perhaps, the greatest advantage of plastic polymer roofing is that they are low maintenance, highly durable and long-lasting. They are also available in a wide spectrum of textures and designs to suit all kinds of tastes, preferences and lifestyles. Since they are lightweight, they are a good choice for older homes. Plastic polymer material also has good wind and fire resistance.


Slate is a classic roof material with a long history of use due to its ability to impart a touch of elegance to all kinds of homes. They also have practical benefits like fire resistance, wind resistance and good durability. Slate also comprises recyclable natural materials.

Wooden Shake

Wooden shakes are made up of high-quality wood and cedar in particular. They add a touch of natural charm to homes, are affordable and recyclable since they are made up of natural materials.

No matter what kind of roofing requirements you have, a good roofing expert can inform you about the right kind of material. Get in touch with a trustworthy roofing professional with years of experience and a long list of satisfied customers.