How to Hire a General Contractor in Colorado?

How to Hire a General Contractor in Colorado?

Raise your hand if you think hiring a good general contractor in Colorado is impossible.

You’re not alone. Many homeowners realize that websites can be deceiving, and you never know who you end up hiring. 

Since your house is a valuable asset, you should only hire experienced professionals for this precious project. The best strategy is to be wary of scammers and rip off deals. You should also avoid rookies, as they don’t have the expertise to handle major projects.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to find the right person for this job:

Step 1: Consider Your Options 

The most important question is to determine what kind of project you want the contractor to undertake. Your answer will indicate whether or not a general contractor in Colorado is right for you. That’s because most of them handle medium-scale projects that cover windows, gutters, sidings, and exterior painting services. 

Once you’ve figured out what you want, then you should start your research.

This includes:

  • Asking your family and friends for a recommendation 
  • Looking at local listings for general contractors in Colorado 
  • Going through online reviews and discussion boards 
  • Contacting your real estate agent for suitable referrals

The quick research can help you shortlist credible candidates. You should also look at home improvement review sites or Google reviews to get an idea of their reputation in the market. 

Step 2: Call Around for Free Estimates 

There is no hard and fast rule about contacting contractors. You should aim for at least 6-7 local general contractors from your list of candidates. Then use the list to call them for more information about their home improvement services.

Here are a few questions you can ask them:

  • How long have they been working as a general contractor in Colorado?
  • What kind of services do they offer?
  • Are they willing to take on a project of your size?
  • What is their estimated turnaround time?
  • Is the work schedule flexible?
  • What kind of payment schedule do they follow?

Besides this, pay attention to their communication style and willingness to answer your questions. If you find it difficult to get them on the phone or get a response, then that isn’t a good sign. It indicates that they aren’t professional or that they are too busy to take out time for you. 

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment  

Many general contractors in Colorado schedule presentations and appointments before you hire them. You should use this opportunity to finalize your contractor. The face to face interaction will allow you to learn more about them.

You can also ask them questions that might require lengthier answers. For instance, consider interrogating them about the logistics of your new installation. Ask them for energy-efficient embellishments or fixtures and practical suggestions. 

The interaction and their grasp on the subject will give you an insight into their work ethic and cost of service. You can use this intuition to seal the deal with the general contractor that you most liked. 

Pro tip: Do decide the terms and conditions, along with the contract beforehand. That way, you’ll both be on the same page when the project begins.

In a Nutshell

On the whole, hiring a general contractor in Colorado is a three-step process. It involves research, phone interviews, and appointments. Throughout this time, your main goal is to find someone that is trustworthy, cooperative, and knowledgeable. These three qualities ensure that your house is in good hands.

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