How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof

When old man winter inevitably comes to town, you can’t afford to relax. This uninvited visitor can bring along a host of problems such as roof damage from ice and snow.  

Does it snow in your area during winter? Then you should know how snow and ice can damage your roof. You should also know what action you can take to mitigate roof damage from ice and snow.

How Snow and Ice Damage Your Roof

Snow is a burden for many of us metaphorically speaking. But for your hapless roof, that is literally the case. Like it or not, snow is literally a big burden on your roof during that time of the year. 

The weight of the snow and ice can cause your roof to sag and sustain damage. 

If it rains after a snowfall, then the problem can get worse. Water will accumulate in the sagging areas. When the mercury plummets once more below freezing then this accumulated water will turn to ice. Big blocks of ice can damage your roof with excessive weight.

Ice Dams

Snow and ice accumulation may grow into an ice dam. That is bad news for your roof. As the name implies, ice dams block the flow of water. The roof gutters may malfunction and take damage over time. The flashing may also endure harm in the process.

The ice dam will eventually melt. When that happens, water can leak into your attic if there are roof cracks. This will lead to water damage and the proliferation of mold, moss, and mildew in your attic. The noxious vapors can spread through your home and cause respiratory and all sorts of illnesses associated with mold, moss, and mildew.

Your damaged attic will need costly repairs in the event of water damage.  

Ice Damage

As water freezes, it can expand to widen cracks that it fills on your roof. That means roof cracks will grow larger. 

The freezing/cracking cycle can repeat many times over. The crack will go from bad to worse. 

Ice damage can seriously damage and shorten the lifespan of your roof if it is not remediated in time. 

What to Do About Ice and Snow Roof Damage

Don’t let the bleak frigid winter bother you. If the thought of snow and ice damaging your precious roof is worsening the winter blues, then you need to get in touch with the best roofers in the business.  

You need regular roofing inspections at the optimal schedule to keep roof damage under control during the winter. 

With our help, you can substantially reduce winter roof damage. We can inspect your roof at the right intervals and take appropriate remedial action to keep winter roof damage to a minimum. This will extend the life of your home’s critical structural component.

Want the premier roofing service to protect your roof during the inexorably freezing cold winter?

Then just, um, chill.